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MEC Author, Patrick McMahon, writes:

Watching real students giving good presentations is an excellent way to improve students’ own presentation skills.

I am constantly amazed at the quality of some of the free English language resources available on the Internet.  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is one institution which has excellent language learning activities which anyone can use. I particularly like their collection of EAP audio-video materials here: http://elc.polyu.edu.hk/EAP/Audio-visual/. These videos give excellent examples of how to give a presentation. To develop students’ skills give them a set of presentation assessment criteria and have them assess some of these presentations from this site. This will help them realise what  it is that they need to do to give a good presentation.

You can tie this is in with MEC materials. The EAP listening exercise ‘Giving effective presentations in seminars’ would be an ideal activity to accompany the HKPU audio-video resources.

Patrick McMahon

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