Engaging and innovative presentations with Prezi


Are you tired of using PowerPoint? Are you bored by whiteboard?


Then feast your eyes on Prezi.com, the clever new way to make engaging and innovative presentations.

Just like any presentation software, with Prezi you can write captions, use images and add design to your presentation. The nice thing about Prezi is that the presentations it creates are much more fluid and organic looking than PowerPoint. With PowerPoint you click from slide to slide and can only really liven things up with some spinning words, and flying in graphics or inserted video clips. Prezi lets you slide smoothly from point to point, or from one group of ideas to the next. Then it floats you around all the points related to each main idea.

But don’t take my word for it, take two minutes to look at the getting started guide on the Prezzi website. http://prezi.com/learn/getting-started/

If you teach intermediate to advanced level business English students this could be a wonderful way to keep them on their toes and to liven up the lesson. Show them Prezi in the lesson to make sure they can navigate well around the site. Then, ask them to use it to create an interesting presentation on a topic related to their work to be presented during the lesson.

They might even be able to use what they’ve done for a really innovative and unusual presentation at work, and impress their boss as well as their teacher!

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