English, baby!


MEC Training Coordinator, Steph Earnshaw, writes:


If you’re looking for some fun and inspirational material for teaching American English, then take a look at English, baby!

This is a great website where you can find ready made English lessons, English speaking penpals, chat rooms and forums to help your learners practise their English.

There’s a new ready made English lesson every day and each one is based on a short video, podcast or written text. You can search for a lesson by key word, title, category and content. You’ll also find grammar and language tips, discussion questions or a vocabulary quiz at the end of every lesson.

The language is authentic and full of idiomatic expressions, making it an ideal way for you to teach your learners new vocabulary that they might not come across in a book. Ebaby! videos come complete with a transcript and subtitles, and for some really fun material, check out Ebaby! TV – here you’ll find the Ebaby! soap opera and links to all the video lessons.

This would be a useful site to save in your My Web Links area of MEC and use in class as a video listening activity. You could then do related MEC resources as extra class work or for homework. You must be a member to access the lessons but it’s free to join, just click here.  If you get your learners to sign up you can even assign them some Ebaby! lessons as a homework activity to reinforce what they learnt in class.

There are lots of interesting articles for both learners and teachers in the Fun Stuff section of Ebaby! You can access this area once you are a registered member. An example of the kind of information you can find is in the video below, where Graham Stanley, an English teacher in , explains how English teachers can use Web 2.0 internet tools and resources to make their lessons more dynamic and interesting.


To read more from Graham on his blog, click here.

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