Exam practice made easier


Taking an exam – no matter how experienced you are – is a stressful business. Getting good grades can be essential for getting to the next level of your course, on a degree course or the job you want. Having the support you need can make a big difference to how you will fare.

Fortunately, MEC can help. There are a massive 848 resources on MEC devoted to helping your students practise for their exams. The biggest Cambridge ESOL exams are covered along with IELTS, and TOEFL and TOEIC for learners in American English.

Each resource mirrors closely the structure of the real exam, giving the student not only practice of the right type of English at the right level, but also a flavour of the format of their chosen exam.

There are also many prebuilt courses on MEC designed to work with the exams. These can be assigned to your class to work alongside coursebook teaching at a pace of your choosing.

And, of course, there are many many more resources in MEC for students to practise relevant areas of English at their level.

The Exam Preparation materials can be found either via the Tests & Exams tab or the Quick Search.

Finally, if you are a onestopenglish subscriber, there is a host of material available to support your teaching of exam students.

We can’t take away the stress of taking an exam. But, we can help provide the practice your students need for success.


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