Film fun


The London Film Festival is due to start, running from the 12th – 27th October. It’s the UK’s largest public film event and aims to bring together the best of world cinema, screening over 300 features, documentaries and short films from around 50 countries.

So, how might you incorporate this or other film festivals into a lesson? Film is always high on the list of students’ favoured speaking topics so a festival can provide a great intro to get them talking. One of the ways that you might incorporate it is to get them to look at the programme and pick 5 films that they would want to see. Then put them into groups and ask them to talk about their choices. Then give them the opportunity to come up with their own film festival. Ask each individual to come up with a list of 10 films that they want the world to see again. Then put them in pairs and get them to agree on a final list of 10 films together. They then need to order these films and come up with an explanation of how they arrived at that order. Finally get them to present their festival to the class, did they come up with similar choices?







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