First day fun


September is almost here and with it the first day of class for many students.  First lessons can be a great opportunity to inject some fun into the classroom and get your students talking to each other.  If you’re stuck for ideas on how to achieve this then why not try one of the suggestions below.

The naming game
A great one for getting your students (and you!) to learn each other’s names quickly.  Each student must think of something that they like that begins with the same letter as their name.  Give them an example to kick things off such as-
“My name is Nerys and I like noodles.”
The next person then has to say what they like and then repeat what the person before said e.g.-
“My name is Carola and I like cookies, her name is Nerys and she likes noodles.”
The third person then adds their like to the list and repeats both the sentences before.  You go on like this adding a new line each time until you reach the final student and hopefully a very unwieldy, fun list.

Getting to know your star
Draw a 5 point star on the board that has 5 bits of information about you.  This information will be the answer to questions that your students have to guess.  Stress to them that they are not directly guessing what the information is but must ask the correct question that gives that answer.  For example, the correct questions for the star below are:

Where did you grow up?
What is your favourite type of dance?
What is your mother’s name?
How long have you lived in London?
What other languages do you speak?

Then, get students to repeat the exercise in pairs paying particular attention to getting the question form right.

Liar Liar
To start off ask your students whether they think that they are good at telling if people are lying.  Elicit from them what the typical signs are and put the vocabulary up on the board (e.g. blushing, stammering etc.). Then, put three sentences about yourself on the board and tell the class that one of them is a lie e.g.

“I have been a vegetarian for 20 years.
I have met Bill Clinton.
I have a twin sister.”

They can then grill you about the statements before guessing which one they think is the lie.  Get your students to repeat the exercise in pairs, coming up with 3 statements about themselves.

Before you know it, the first day of class will be behind you and you’ll have kicked things off in the lively way that you intend to continue.



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