Five ways to use Word Lists


MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:

Here are some ideas for using Word Lists in and outside of the classroom. If you can’t quite remember how to create and send Word Lists then there is a reminder for you at the bottom of this posting.

1.     During your lessons note down any new vocabulary that has come up. Add these new words to your Word Lists page including the definition and then send them to your learners as a package to revise.

2.     As a homework task send a vocabulary list to your learners using the Messages function. Ask them to add each word to their Word Lists page and to find the definitions using Macmillan English Dictionary Online. Check their definitions in the next lesson as a whole class.

3.     Select a list of vocabulary. Add the words to your Word Lists but mix up the letters so each word appears scrambled. Remember to add the definitions too. Send the package to your learners or show the scrambled words on an interactive whiteboard or data projector. Ask your learners to identify the words and if you feel it’s necessary click on the plus sign to show them the definition as a clue. As an extra task learners must create their own Word Lists with the unscrambled words and their own example sentences instead of just the definition. Allow learners to delete the original package of words so they can keep their Word Lists page tidy.

4.     Ask your learners to create a Category called ‘Word of the day’. As an ongoing project they must look up a new word in English each day and add the word to their Word Lists and Category. At the end of each month learners must write a story, poem or any piece of writing using all of their new words.

5.     Send your learners a list of vocabulary and then a list of definitions underneath in a different order. As a homework task learners must match the vocabulary to the right definition and add them to their Word Lists. Check answers as a class in the next lesson.

Creating a word list

To set up a word list, click on My Word Lists in the Work Area, or select Word List from the navigation buttons at the top of the MEC screen. This will take you or your learners to their Word List page, like this one.

Add new words to the list by clicking Add new. This following screen will appear:

·         Complete the Word and Comments fields with the new word, a definition and other useful notes.

·         Choose a category from the drop-down menu or create a new category (see the next section).

·         Click Done to add the word to the list.

Setting up word list categories

·         From the Word List screen, click the Set up category button.

·         Click Add new.

·         Give a title for the new category, add a short description and click Done.

·         Click Done again to return to the Word List screen.

You can also set up a new category by clicking on New category in the Add new word screen. Then follow the same steps above.

Publishing word lists

·         From the Word List screen click on Publish Wordlist.

·         Complete the Label and Detail fields.

·         Choose if you would like your learners to be able to delete the package.

·         Click on the Edit button to add words from your list and to add recipients.

·         Choose the date you would like to send the package.

·         Click on send. The package will not be sent until the date you have chosen.

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