MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:

Click on the link below to find flashcard heaven.


As suggested in the title, FlashcardExchange is a place to create and share flashcards for all subjects. There are two types of accounts. The free account and the paid account.

1. The free account

If you join the free account you can create flashcards and study any other set of cards on the site.

To study flashcards choose a subject by clicking on one of the tags or writing it in the search box.

Click on the title of a set of flashcards and then click on Study.


The flashcards will display on the screen.

Why not take some vocabulary from a MEC resource and create some flashcards of your own for your students to view on screen. The MEC Game ‘Movers and Shakers’ below would be ideal for teaching or revising furniture vocabulary.

There’s also the fun option of Play Memory. Below is an example of Play Memory using some flashcards I created from the MEC game ‘Movers and Shakers’.

2. The paid account

If you pay a one off fee of $19.95 you can print and export flashcards.


  • Two other great flashcard sites are http://www.StudyStack.com and http://www.Quizlet.com. Both let you enter and share flashcards. I created the StudyStack site. It takes the data from your flashcards and uses it to generate nine other activities to help you memorize your data – matching, hangman, crosswords, etc. You can even put your flashcards on your cell phone.

    Posted by John Weidner on November 29th 2008
  • Thanks for that John, I’ll have a look at those two websites.

    Posted by Sarah on December 01st 2008

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