Free Rice!


Product trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:

Have you seen this website?

Free Rice is a website dedicated to eradicating world hunger. You get to play a fun word game and for every question you answer correctly 20 grains of rice will be donated to countries that really need it.

The game itself is a challenge that can be played by learners of English and native speakers alike. Your advanced learners might appreciate the chance to play this game for five or ten minutes at the end of a lesson. Plus they get to feel good about themselves whilst doing it!

In fact you could even base a whole lesson around it. It would make a really interesting warmer for a lesson based on ‘problems in the third world’ or ‘world causes’. You could team this warmer up with some of these MEC resources:

·         News Item – Charities are the most trusted public institution (all levels)

·         News Item – Not enough food for Darfur (all levels)

·         Listening Activity – Listening 076 Mini-Lecture (level 5)

Go and take a look and see how many points you can get!  

 Free Rice

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