Giving thanks American style


One of the most important dates in the North American calendar is fast approaching and with it the chance to have a lesson with your students about the traditions of the historical day. Next Thursday the 24th of November will see North Americans celebrate in a frenzy of family, turkey and football. To get started ask students to get into pairs and discuss what they know already about the Thanksgiving story.  Follow up by getting the pairs to feed back to the class and put their ideas up on the board.  Then get students to watch this video on the thanksgiving story to compare ideas.  Did they know the story of thanksgiving?  

For a fun finish get them to look at this funny infographic on what you should bring to Thankgiving.  Get them to answer the questions; what do they end up bringing to the dinner?  For a creative class you could task them with coming up with their own version of the diagram, coming up with the perfect present from a range of different people. If there’s time allow them to create and decorate their infographic as a poster which you can then display around your class to keep that thanksgiving spirit going the year round.

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