Guardian pictures


MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan writes:

If you’re looking for some inspiring pictures to use in your lessons then go to the Guardian website and have a look at their archive of photos. Scroll down the home page and click on ‘In Pictures’ on the right hand side.

You will find a list of categories on the left hand side such as ’24 hours in pictures’ which show the days’ news in photos.

You could display these photos in class using an IWB or data projector and ask your learners to discuss what they think is happening in each one. Any of the pictures would work as an introduction to a topic of your choice.

If you choose the category ’24 hours in pictures’ and then click on the 1st December 2008 set you will find a particularly striking photo of a group of children playing football in Gaza, some Mexican wrestlers and a goat grabbing sport played in Takikistan. These will certainly get your learners talking. Why not use them to introduce some sport themed MEC resources? Below are some you might like to use.

Molly in Trouble – Game (levels 3/4)

Urban adventures – Listening Activity (level 6)

A football fanatic – Language Exercise (level 6)

Freerunning holds its first world championships – News Item (adapted to levels easy, average and difficult)

Meeting David Beckham – Vocabulary Activity (level 6)

Remember you can easily send your students links to images on the internet. Just save the image in your ‘My Web Links’ area and then publish it to your students.

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