MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:

If you’re looking for something fun to do at the end of the lesson try out HEROMACHINE. You can create your own hero very easily from a huge choice of body parts, clothes, accessories and anything else you can think of.

You might be wondering how you can use this in class. There are lots of ways and here are just a few suggestions.

·         Learners create their own hero, present it to the class and explain what the hero does and how it got its super powers.

·         Learners work in pairs. One learner tells the other what they want the hero to look like and gives them instructions. The other learner controls the mouse and builds the hero. Then they swap.

·         Learners build their heroes and then in groups create their own stories/scripts using the characters as inspiration.

·         Learners create their heroes making sure they don’t show each other (this would work best as homework). They send their heroes to you (the teacher) via email. You print them off and bring them to class and stick them to a wall. Alternatively show them on an interactive whiteboard. Choose a learner to come to the front of the classroom. The rest of the class has to guess which hero the learner created by asking questions. For example ‘Does it have red hair?’ If it doesn’t then you can eliminate or delete all the heroes with red hair and so on. Eventually someone will guess the right hero.

·         Write ”Captain Webb” in the Word and Phrase Search. You will see a resource called ‘Paper 3 Part 2’. This is a CPE Exam Preparation Exercise about a man called Captain Webb. Ask your learners to complete this exercise. Then, using Captain Webb as inspiration create a hero using HEROMACHINE.

If you have any ideas on how you could use this in class write them in the comments box below.

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