Home alone with MEC (Part 1)


MEC Training Manager, Mike Green, writes:

‘What homework have you been setting for your learners on MEC?  Have you been pointing them to a particular part of their course and giving them specific resources to complete or just letting them dive in and explore? 

While neither approach is necessarily wrong, a “guided discovery” approach will allow your learners to use MEC in a more structured way and give you scope to exploit the full range of resource types on the database.

To whet your appetite, below are a few ideas for MEC homework which you might like to consider. Have a look also at Part 3 of the Guide to MEC.

1. Get them to practise their basic MEC skills. 

We’ve put together some ready-made worksheets for you on our support site. You can print these off and give them out as homework. Easy! There are even separate teacher’s notes with answers.

2. Give them a list of resources.

Another quick and easy way to set homework. Simply give your learners a list of relevant resources by title. They then find the resources for themselves at home, bookmark them and complete them. This has the added advantage of getting learners to practise their searching and bookmarking skills!

   3.    Finish an activity at home.

Start a MEC resource in class. For example, you could just do the first few questions of a language exercise together, get them to predict the contents of a news item from the photo or headline or just listen to the audio of a listening activity. Then you could get your learners to complete the activity at home.

  1. Treasure Hunt.
    Prepare a hidden sentence comprised of, say, 10 words found in different parts of MEC. They could be words from an audioscript, from the questions to an exercise or even from the MEC interface itself. Your learners have to search the database to find the words and complete the sentence. They then prepare a similar sentence for their peers next lesson. This could be done as a race – first group to find all the words wins!’

Have you ever tried any similar ideas? Do you find them useful? There will be more tips from Mike in tomorrow’s posting so keep watching the blog to find out what they are.

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