Home alone with MEC (Part 2)


MEC Training Manager, Mike Green, writes:

5. Peer teaching.

‘Divide the class into two or more groups. Members of each group study a particular Grammar Reference Unit (GRU) at home and complete the corresponding language exercises. In the next class, they teach/tell their peers in the other group what they studied and what they have learned.  This could be done equally well to promote discussion by using different news items.

Grammar reference unit

6. Vocabulary quizzes.

Learners read a particular news item at home, check MEDO and add any new words to their Wordlists, but without the definitions. In pairs, they then “test” their partner next lesson to see how much they know and can remember. They then do the food for thought questions together as a class.


7. Web projects.

Learners do a web project at home (remember they can also print them out in hard copy) and add any new vocabulary to their Word Lists. They then present their findings to the class. As a follow-up, they could create their own short web projects for their peers to complete.

8. Consider modifying the level of challenge or the task.

Why not rethink the way learners approach resources? For example, get them to read different levels of the same news item and compare the language used, suggest they use the Hint or Audio box to hide the questions when doing a listening activity or encourage them to use the audioscript as a reading text – but without the audio. Be creative!

This list is of course just a taster of what’s possible. We’d love to hear the ideas you’ve got for things which have worked well! Leave a comment.’

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