How do you teach phonetics?


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How do you teach phonetics to your learners?

Adrian Underhill shows teachers how he thinks it should be done in a fantasic video posted on The world according to Macmillan. It’s definitely worth spending five minutes of your time watching and listening to Adrian as he gives a workshop on pronunciation and how to teach it. On this website there is also a link to many more methodology videos which you can access by clicking on the Methodology link under Adrian’s video.

After watching Adrian’s entertaining and informative video you could also use some MEC resources to practise Adrian’s techniques on your learners. Why not try the resources listed below.

  • Sounds – Pronunciation Activity (Level 1)
  • Vowel Sounds – Pronunciation Activity (Level 2)
  • Feet or Fit – Pronunciation Activity  (Level 3)
  • Minimal Pairs Contrasting Vowels -Pronunciation Activity (Level 4)
  • Same Sound Different Spelling – Pronunciation Activity  (Level 5)
  • Clusters of Three or More Consonants – Pronunciation Activity (Level 6)

There are over a hundred and fifty pronunciation activities to choose from in MEC. Remember that some learners, even with a very high level of English, lack confidence in pronunciation, so it’s always useful to dedicate time and effort to incorporating it into your lesson. Some of the pronunciation activities are suitable for various levels which means you have even more to use.

On top of all that, you can find more teaching help by going to the Methodology Database from your Work Area in MEC. If you type ‘pronunciation’ in the search you will find Adrian Underhill’s well-known book, Sound Foundations divided into 31 units. As well as Sound Foundations there are other chapters relevant to pronunciation taken from Inside Teaching and The Language Teacher’s Voice. These are all part of the Macmillan Books for Teachers Series.

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