January Newsletter


MEC Marketing Coordinator, Jane Petrie, writes:

Macmillan English Campus announces the release of new American English TOEIC® material

Macmillan English Campus is delighted to be publishing over 100 new American English resources to support the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC®) exam from ETS. Written by experienced TOEIC® authors, the resources provide practice for all seven parts of the listening and reading exam.

The TOEIC® material also supports the new speaking and writing test from ETS, by providing a series of sample answers, with hints on preparing, timing and responding to typical questions.

With the broad range of coverage it provides, this exam practice material offers essential support to students wishing to take the new TOEIC®.



Key Features

  • Exercises written by experienced TOEIC® authors
  • Use of ETS-licensed TOEIC® rubrics
  • Text and question types provide authentic exam practice
  • Hints on how to answer TOEIC® questions in each listening and reading exercise
  • Advice on planning, timing and answering the speaking and writing questions
  • Exercises include over 400 questions
  • Comprehensive coverage of the new TOEIC® exam
  • Up-to-date section weightings, text types and question format
  • Support of new TOEIC® speaking and writing test

To view more detailed information about the new exercises, please click here.

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