King Saud University


MEC Training Coordinator, Steph Earnshaw, writes:

We’re delighted to announce that the King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has recently started using Macmillan English Campus as part of English courses being provided by Bell International for their preparatory year programme. Their Campus training took place from the 14th to 18th of February in Riyadh, .

The entrance to the female campus

There were approximately 140 female participants and 160 male participants over the 5 days. Training was run separately for male and female teachers as the male and female campuses of the university are run entirely separately. I ran the training for the female teachers and it was great to see how enthusiastic they are about using Campus with their students. 

One of the IT labs at the female campus

The first session was a general overview of Campus resources and tools. If you want to see the Campus introduction click the link below.

English Campus Overview.pdf (2.71 MB)

The session ended with a Campus Quiz which you can have a go at yourself by clicking the link below.

English Campus quiz.pdf (1.93 MB)

The second session was more advanced and we looked at how to use the resources and tools on campus both inside and outside the classroom. You can see some of the ideas for using Campus in class by clicking the link below.

 Campus in use.pdf (2.25 MB)

We also looked at some of the resources in the Campus Teachers’ support area, which include lesson plans, the Guide to Campus and pre-recorded training sessions. You can find them all by logging in to If you can’t remember the password, just contact me at

Participants at the training sessions gave lots of positive feedback on Campus along with some useful suggestions for future developments. The university is well equipped with interactive whiteboards and computer labs so we’re looking forward to finding out how everything goes once they start using it with the students.

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