Lovely tapas during a convention in Madrid


Moveable Fiesta

“Mientras la luz que viene fija y gana
blancas metas de fábula que olvida
el tumulto de venas en la huida
hacia el turbio frescor de la manzana”

Frederico Garcia Lorca

This is for anyone interested in a nice restaurant tip in Spain. We attended the MLA Annual Convention in Madrid where Italian teachers gathered for meetings with MLA’s partners, including Macmillan English Campus.

This is La Bodega Bar/Restaurant (next to the Plaza de San Miguel) and seems to be one of the places that Hemingway used to visit. I would recommend the lovely tapas and, if you have “ganas”, the saucy “tripas”. Although from our group only a Swiss colleague and I had the guts to eat gutsI I would highly recommend it – delicious!

Right beside the restaurant is the Mercado San Miguel, where you can have a glass of wine or try a Portuguese Pastel de Belem (Nata Tart) or nibble one of the exotic delicacies they sell at the balconies.

One of our American colleagues was surprised to see people walking around holding glasses of wine. She said “it’s incredible seeing people carrying alcohol around. You can’t do this in the US.” In Brazil, they would say “it’s incredible seeing people not carrying alcohol around”.


Pedro Moura


  • I’m not sure if I’d have the guts to eat guts, congratulation on this achievement, Pedro. Do you think Hemingway would have chosen this, too?
    Your post made me think of my favourite Hemingway story, also taking place in a Spanish place of “food and service”, a café. It starts like this: “The old man liked to sit late because he was deaf and now at the night it was quiet and he felt the difference”
    Quite lovely, too, right?

    Posted by Eva on October 22nd 2010

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