Many minimal pairs


If your students love playing the ship or sheep game, they’ll love this site. It would be great to use on an IWB if you have one (and will save you from doing all the modelling all the time). Alternatively, send it to your students as a Web Link in MEC and tell them to practise at home or in the computer room.

It also has a fun little tongue twister at the bottom of each minimal pairs page, for example ‘Did Ed web Liz or did Liz wed Ted?’ A challenge even for native speakers if you say it fast enough! Why not see if your students are inspired to make up a few tongue twisters of their own.

MEC pronunciation activities are also lots of fun and provide extensive pronunciation practice that would be easy to adapt for a lesson or use as a self-study activity. Below is a selection of different types of pronunciation activities that you can find on MEC.

•    Same sound different spelling (MPR002796)
•    Find the schwa (MPR000209)
•    Word stress patterns (MPR002288)
•    Voiced and unvoiced fricatives (MPR003757)

To find them just type the title or the resource ID (given in brackets) into the Word and Phrase Search.


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