MEC 3.0 feedback


MEC Trainer, Jo Scellier, writes:

Jo Scellier

Hi everyone,

Well, the new MEC 3.0 is a super upgrade which integrates many of the requests that I’ve heard from our Australian customers. A couple of these requests from administrators and teachers include:

  • Are we able to publish Web Links, Bookmarks and Word Lists to students?
  • Can we send announcements to classes?

I’m really pleased to be able to answer ‘yes’ to both of the above requests. I know that our Australian customers are also pleased so I can imagine customers all over the world are really happy, too. I wonder which new MEC 3.0 functions most appeal to you?

Recently, I conducted an online training session, on some of the new functions of MEC 3.0, for Embassy in Australia and New Zealand. The online training session meant that Embassy MEC administrators from around Australia and New Zealand could link up to a shared computer screen and hook up to a conference call in order to participate in the training. I facilitated the session from Melbourne while each participant connected from their own city. What a bonus to deliver and participate in training without the need to travel from your desk.

Embassy ANZ were delighted to find out that they no longer need to send a report each week to Macmillan in the UK so their data on users and classes can be updated. Now, they are able to update users and classes and the changes take place immediately on the system. This means that they can administer MEC much more easily and efficiently. 

It’s just super that these upgrades are as a result of real requests from MEC customers out there. Everyone likes to be listened to and Macmillan English Campus is doing just that.

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