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MEC freelance trainer in Australia, Jo Scellier, writes:

‘G’day. I started as a freelance trainer for MEC at the turn of the year with my first training sessions in Brisbane.

Before the Brisbane training, I was learning how to navigate through MEC by playing around with it and following some task sheets. I was amazed at its simplicity and interactivity. So after getting over the initial “Oh my goodness, there’s so much there. How do I get my head around all this?” I soon took to how remarkable it was that there was so much cool stuff there. Now, I absolutely love it.


I’ve worked in ELT and training for over 10 years now and have seen many effective and innovative blended learning programs. One of the great aspects of online learning, and MEC, is the ability for content to be continually improved. I remember those days of updating ELT material when working as an English teacher in Hong Kong – an arduous task! I haven’t had a lot of exposure yet to also using MEC in the classroom and exploring its true blended learning advantages, though I do see great potential. 

For me what stands out in MEC are the listening exercises where teachers can drag the listening boxes to cover the questions or the accompanying picture. They can also show or hide the audioscript depending on the students’ needs. Students can then access the same listening that was played in class whenever and wherever they want. Flexible learning! I would have loved this when learning French. When looking at it from that angle, I’d love a French version of MEC to accompany my learning!'

What were your initial impressions of MEC and how do you feel about it now? What would you most like to see added to MEC? What are your favourite exercises? Leave us a comment.

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