MEC Competition!


MEC Competition!

It’s time for a brand new MEC competition. Last year we asked you to comment on our MEC voicethread. This year we’d like you to create your own Voki. If you don’t know what a Voki is then have a look at one we made earlier…

If you’re still not sure what it is then click here to read about a MEC online clinic we held on Voki and Voicethread.

To create a Voki simply click on the link below and start creating. It’s all free and has easy steps to follow.

To enter the competition you must get your class to create their own Voki and send it to us via email. The Voki must tell us:

·         A little bit about its life or personality.

·         Its favourite MEC resource or tool and why they like it.

Once we’ve received the Vokis the best ones will be posted on our blog. We’ll then ask everyone to vote for their favourite and the winner gets a Macmillan English Dictionary for their class.

The closing date to send us your Voki is 30th June 2009.

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