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Fiona MacKenzie, MEC Publishing Director, writes:

‘I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to some of the people you don’t usually meet, the Editorial team working at our London offices. We’re right next door to what must be one of the biggest building sites in the world – the King’s Cross development which will result in the Eurostar arriving here later this year. So if, in a Harry Potter-ish way, you walk up a railway platform (Platform 1 in our case) you will find us. Many of us will be adding our views from MEC to the blog but here’s an introduction.

Aerial view of King’s Cross

There are also one or two questions at the end which I’d love some answers to – remember that you can genuinely help us to publish more of what you want into MEC if you give us your views via the blog.

Michael Lax is our Publishing Manager – he manages the in-house team and makes sure that everything we want to publish gets published. Jenny Lovel is our Commissioning Editor, newly arrived from commissioning for a linguistics list. Jeremy Smith is Senior Editor and Sarah Cumming is Editorial Assistant. There’s also David Baker who works freelance as a commissioner and consultant. I should also mention that the teachers’ community site, Onestopenglish, which I hope you know, is part of the MEC family. Claire Pye is the Commissioning Editor, alongside Becca Sams, Web Editor and Lucy Williams, Editorial Assistant. Michael also manages an extensive flock of freelance editors and authors and they are spread as widely around the world as the users of MEC. At the moment, we have people working on MEC projects in the US, Argentina, Spain, Hungary, France, Greece and Mexico as well as in the UK. Various of them are people who’ve worked with us in-house in the past – but we make sure they don’t get away once they have such invaluable knowledge about how to make MEC content work.

And speaking of MEC content here are my questions, which I hope a few of you will answer because your input would be really helpful. First, some information – we’re working intensively at the moment on new functionality and content for our Tests. The Tests area in MEC at the moment is the area I most want to update and improve. What I’d like to know is – if we have a new and whizzy Tests area, would you like to keep the existing Tests? Are they useful? Do you (and your students) use them? If you don’t use them, why not? If you do, why?’


  • For those interested in a bit of King’s Cross history, the name comes from a statue of King George IV erected in 1836 at the meeting (crossroads) of Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross Road and York Way, which you can see in the lower centre of the photo. There is also a theory that Boudicca was buried under what is now platform 9 in the station, after defeat to the Romans around the year 60 AD – was this an inspiration for J.K. Rowling’s Platform 9 3/4?

    Posted by Tim Oliver on May 11th 2007
  • This does look prominsig. I\’ll keep coming back for more.

    Posted by Karess on December 27th 2011

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