MEC February newsletter


MEC Marketing Coordinator, Jane Petrie, writes:

Macmillan English Campus announces the launch of new resources for English for Academic Purposes



Macmillan English Campus is delighted to announce the publication of a new, flexible bank of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) material. The first set of materials, Academic Grammar and Writing, is being published in February, with two more content sets to follow in March and April 2008.


Academic Grammar and Writing consists of 42 exercises at C1 / IELTS 5.5-6.5 level. Written by experienced university teachers, the material includes 12 sample essays using extracts from academic writing in a range of disciplines and genres to help students with planning and writing their own work. The sample essays also look at common problems such as paraphrasing, quotations, referencing and plagiarism. Each includes examples of good (and bad) practice, with detailed hints for students. The sample essays are supported by eight interactive language exercises which give students the opportunity to practise academic vocabulary, error recognition, and style and register.

A detailed knowledge of academic grammar is essential for students studying in an English-speaking university and the writing resources are supported by 22 grammar reference units which explain grammatical points in an academic context, drawing examples from academic corpora. Each grammar reference unit also includes an interactive exercise, designed to help students apply and practise academic grammar. The exercise can be completed before or after reading the explanatory text.

Flexible yet comprehensive, this is the ideal resource for both pre- and in-sessional EAP provision.

Key Features:

  • Flexible resources which can be used individually or combined into a course.
  • Interactive grammar and language exercises give students instant marks.
  • Exercises use input texts designed to teach and practise academic skills.
  • Sample essays introduce students to techniques for writing different types of essays.
  • Use of authentic academic writing from a range of disciplines and genres.
  • Grammar reference units introduce advanced grammar using examples drawn from academic corpora.

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