MEC in Rome: Language Consultants training report


MEC Training Coordinator, Steph Earnshaw, writes:

We’re delighted to announce that Language Consultants has recently started using Macmillan English Campus. Their MEC training took place on the 6th and 7th of December in Rome, Italy.

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It was a real pleasure to meet everyone at the training sessions, especially as some as travelled from as far away as Milan. Language Consultants plan to use MEC to provide learners with extra practice alongside their lessons, which are mainly taught in-company. They also plan to use MEC for distance learning courses.

Participants at the training sessions gave lots of positive feedback on MEC along with some useful suggestions for future MEC developments.

Most of the Language Consultants teachers plan to start using MEC with their students in January so we look forward to finding out how they’re getting on.

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