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MEC Marketing Coordinator, Jane Petrie, writes:

Are you interested in blended learning but not sure how to get on board?

Meet Vilson Oliveira Filho. He’s the e-learning manager for Cultura Inglesa in . They have been using the English Campus, which they call the e-Campus, since 2003.

We asked him to answer some of your queries.

What is the feedback from your clients and teachers on using the English Campus?

At the moment the e-Campus is mainly used as the online complement to our face-to-face courses for all our students. It is also used in the classrooms via interactive whiteboards to provide support for the activities developed in the lessons. Activities from the e-Campus are integrated in all our courses. At the moment we have approximately 60,000 users.

The feedback from clients and teachers is very positive. Clients see it as a very helpful tool for extra practice and reference that can be accessed from anywhere they have an internet connection. Teachers also see the tool as helpful since they can very quickly find activities for practice of specific language items or skills using the search mechanisms.

How much time is allocated per week for using the English Campus – both for teaching and for monitoring students’ progress?  

Since it is part of a varied programme offered to clients, the time spent by teachers using the e-Campus in their lessons varies from lesson to lesson.

As regards to monitoring time, the tool makes it easy to monitor students’ progress and that is usually done on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

What advice could you offer on how we can make the launch of a blended learning programme run smoothly?

The resources available are vast and it is important to plan ways of exposing students to the resources and features gradually and frequently so that they see the value and understand how the tool works. Students usually see the value of the tool when they have done something that helped them or been shown an activity or feature that could help them. 

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