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MEC Marketing Coordinator, Jane Petrie, writes:

Macmillan English Campus announces a new contract with English UK

Macmillan English Campus is delighted to announce the signing of a new contract with English UK. This is the leading English language teaching association in the , with over 350 member schools.

The launch of the ‘English UK Campus’ makes MEC easily available to all of English UK’s member schools, without the need to sign a contract. Schools can instead purchase blocks of user IDs direct from English UK. This means that English UK members, whatever their size, will benefit from being able to ease themselves into offering blended learning programmes – starting small and growing their usage as they become more familiar with MEC.

John Murray, Sales and Marketing Director for MEC, said ‘We’re delighted to be working more closely with English UK and helping English UK members introduce blended learning solutions to their customers.’

Adding value

This new contract means that English UK members can enjoy the many different benefits offered by MEC, including:

Improved results: students can practise anytime and anywhere, using any computer that has an internet connection. Both weaker and stronger students can benefit from exercises which either consolidate or extend their knowledge, through use of the 3,500 exercises in the database.

Saves time and resources: MEC is self-marking, removes the need to administer supplementary products such as CD-ROMs and worksheets and is entirely hosted by Macmillan.

Valuable exam study resources: MEC provides extensive exam preparation material and facilitates exam success.

A unique competitive advantage: Using MEC places an institution at the forefront of learning technology.

Strengthening links

For English UK, the new contract provides a way to extend the benefits offered by their membership programme – using the combined size of their member schools for the benefit of individual institutions. The new English Campus will be fully branded with the English UK logo, which will further reinforce these links.

As for every new customer, training sessions will be held by the MEC training team and all new users can be assured of ongoing support through the MEC support site, blog and MEC clinics.

Mark Rendell, Deputy Chief Executive of English UK, said ‘We’re always looking to expand the services we offer to our members and this new agreement shows one of the benefits of being part of a consortium in this way: improving accessibility for individual members.’

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