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MEC Marketing Coordinator, Jane Petrie, writes:

Introducing the first Interactive Worlds…

Interactive Worlds are a flexible, topic-based learning resource, newly available to British English users of the Macmillan English Campus and subscribers to

With beautifully presented video, audio and interactive exercises, these content-rich Worlds are ideal for use in the classroom with a projector or interactive whiteboard and include integrated whiteboard tools, such as a pen, highlighter and colour palette.

The first three Worlds are the Animal Worlds, focusing on the natural environment. Each of these Worlds is divided into five or six zones which can be explored in any order and revisited over a period of time. Suitable for learners between the ages of 10 and 14, these vibrant resources will make students love learning English.

Key Features:

• A wide variety of topic-based material, covering a range of themes linked to the natural world

• A high level of visual attractiveness: students will love the appealing pictures of the natural world and the lively graphics

• Interactive, media-rich resource, including photos, audio and video

• Web projects, offering a chance for students to extend their knowledge by using authentic English on the internet

• Downloadable, customizable teacher’s notes, providing suggestions for lead-in and follow-up skills practice for every zone in each of the Interactive Worlds

American English Interactive Worlds arrive in May 2009.

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