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MEC Marketing Coordinator, Jane Petrie, writes:

New American English Content on the Macmillan English Campus

As part of our commitment to regular publishing on the Macmillan English Campus, we’re delighted to announce the release of new American English content, bringing the total number of resources available to 3878.

Test Compiler
Containing over 640 new exercises, this fantastic new resource enables you to compile and publish tests to your students, using specially created new content.

We’ve had tremendous feedback from users of the British English Campus and we are delighted to announce that the Test Compiler is now available for American English users of the Macmillan English Campus. As with the British English edition of the new Test Compiler, it’s easy to choose resources quickly to suit students’ needs, searching on a range of criteria, including topic, level and age range.

The Macmillan English Campus training department is currently running Test Compiler training sessions for current customers. For more information about the sessions in September, please contact Sarah Milligan at

English for Academic Purposes
Macmillan English Campus is very pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of an American English bank of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) material. Containing more than 100 resources, it reflects the already-published British English resource bank and will be published in the second week of September. Written by experienced university teachers, it’s the ideal resource for both pre- and in-sessional EAP provision, and joins the extensive bank of TOEIC and TOEFL materials already available in the English Campus.

Key Features:

  • Flexible resources – can be used individually or combined into a course
  • Interactive exercises – get instant marks as students practise grammar and language skills
  • Authentic academic writing – drawn from a range of disciplines and genres
  • Grammar reference units – introduce advanced grammar using examples drawn from academic corpora.

New Sky High course
Supporting Sky High, the popular series of American English coursebooks, two new courses will shortly be added to the Macmillan English Campus. Offering carefully-designed resources to supplement student’s books 1 and 3, each course is divided into 12 units, which mirror the units in the student’s book. There are over 150 resources in each course, comprising language, grammar and vocabulary exercises, listening and pronunciation practice, and web projects, providing an invaluable resource for users of Sky High. There are also other new courses coming soon, including new exam practice courses for FCE and CAE, Expressions and American Inside Out.

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