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MEC Marketing Coordinator, Jane Petrie, writes:

Are you one of the many Macmillan English Campus users who has been asking us for reading materials for teens? Well, in response to popular demand we’re delighted to announce that from October 2008 we’ll be publishing a monthly News item for teens graded at three language levels.

Teen interest

Based on articles from Spot on, a magazine written especially for teens studying English, the news items will include articles on topics which teens find interesting alongside enjoyable classroom activities.

Engaging activities

Each News item for teens will include an article, plus an activity to develop reading comprehension skills and a web project that can be completed in class or for homework. In addition, you can download an extended version of the article from our support site, along with a worksheet for use in class.

Downloadable worksheet

The worksheet includes lead-in activities to introduce the topic and present the key vocabulary, the reading text and follow-on activities. You can also refer to the worksheet for the answers to the comprehension questions. The News item for teens is the basis of an enjoyable lesson for teens that is quick and easy to prepare.

October’s News item for teens

This month we are launching the News item for teens with an article about New Zealand: a country with fantastic scenery and home to extreme sports fanatics. The authors write about bungee jumping and scuba diving; meet the people who live and work in New Zealand’s most beautiful natural areas; and interview the teenagers who enjoy these hair-raising adventures.

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