MEDO top tip


To access the dictionary all you have to do is click on the Dictionary link in MEC, as shown below. For MEC worksheets to help you use the dictionary have a look at the MEC Skills page of the support site.

For a fun and noisy lesson warmer use the online dictionary to play ‘Back to the board’.

You will need a data projector linked to a computer. Here’s how to play:

1.  Divide the class into two teams. One person from each team sits at the front of the class with their back to the    whiteboard.

2.  Key in your chosen word so that it appears on the screen and with the accompanying definition.

3.  When you say ‘go’ each team must describe, explain or give examples of the chosen word without actually saying it.

4.  The first of the two people with their back to the board to correctly guess the word wins a point for their team. Then two new people are chosen to sit at the front with their back to the board and the game starts again.

Remember, if you need to enlarge the font size just go to ‘Options’ at the top of your MEDO search page and change the text size to large or extra large. Then click ‘Done’.

If you are using a computer lab you could also get learners to play the game in pairs or smaller groups.

Have you ever used the MEDO word of the day in your class? What other MEDO features do you like to use?

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