MEDO top tip


Here’s a helpful tip from the MEC Training Assistant, Steph Earnshaw:


‘Don’t forget about MEDO! To access it, all you have to do is click on the Dictionary link in MEC as shown below.

Did you know that you can choose the type of search you use in the dictionary just by clicking the WordSearch tab at the top left of the dictionary?

Choose from one of the six options. When you enter a word in the search bar you will get a different results list depending on which type of search you ticked. For example, if you tick “Phrasal verbs” and search for “clock”, the following list will display:

If you tick “Phrases” the following list will display:

The wordsearch is useful for advanced level learners as it improves their vocabulary and dictionary skills. Here’s an idea for some MEDO-based homework:


  1. Set a MEC news item as reading homework. Get your learners to print it out so it’s easier to mark any unfamiliar vocabulary.
  2. Ask your learners to do a specific search for any new vocabulary they come across. For example, you could choose phrases or collocations.
  3. Get them to choose the top five most useful words that they’ve found and put this new vocabulary in their MEC wordlists.
  4. You could also ask them to set up word list categories for collocations, phrasal verbs, etc.
  5. In the next lesson, share any new vocabulary that your learners have discovered with the rest of the class. Explain any difficult phrases and collocations then get them to write their own sentences using this new vocabulary.

For more ideas and ready-made worksheets to help you use the dictionary in class or as homework, have a look at the MEC Skills page of the support site.

What are your ideas for using the MEDO WordSearch tools in class?

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