MEDO top tip


Here’s a helpful tip from MEC Training Assistant, Steph Earnshaw:

‘Don’t forget about MEDO! To access it, all you have to do is click on the Dictionary link in MEC as shown below.

Did you know that you can choose the type of search you use in the dictionary just by clicking the TextSearch tab at the top left of the dictionary?


Choose from one of the four options. When you enter your word in the search bar you will get a different results list depending on which type of search you ticked. For example if you search for “pen” and tick “Examples” the following results will display:

This is a great way for your learners to find out the different ways of using a new word. Here’s a fun idea for some homework to make your learners think about the words they have learned in class:

1.  Give them a list of vocabulary learned during the lesson.

2.  Ask them to use Definitions and Examples in TextSearch to find information about each word.

3.  Get them to note the most useful definitions and examples in their word lists. They could add categories here, too.

4.  Ask them to write an example sentence of their own for each word.

5.  In the next lesson, go through the words and examples as a class. Ask students to share the examples they have written for homework in pairs. You could even have a class competition for the best example for each word.

For more ideas and ready-made worksheets to help you use the dictionary in class or as homework, have a look at the MEC Skills page of the support site.

Do you find the MEDO TextSearch tool useful?’

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