My first IATEFL!


Last week, half of the office got on the train and travelled up to the other end of the country to attend the biggest and most exciting conference of the ELT year – IATEFL 2012 in Glasgow, Scotland!

IATEFL is a week-long conference packed full of early mornings, late night parties, free canapes and loads of interesting talks by some major ELT celebrities! Thousands of people come from all over the world to go to these talks and parties, but more importantly to get free pens! I spoke to people from Brazil, Israel, the USA and of course Scotland!

On Tuesday I went to a fantastic talk by Rui da Silva, a teacher at Bellerbys College in London, about how teachers can integrate simple technologies into their teaching. Rui will soon be writing a series of posts all about this for our very own blendedmec! Come back next month to learn more…

On Wednesday night we threw a massive party on a boat which attracted hundreds of people. There was free wine, free food, and plenty of dancing: Lindsay Clandfield was throwing shapes all night long! Everyone seemed to have an amazing time and it was great to see people from all over the world united by their passion for teaching English.

As well as the parties that go late into the night, we also have to work during the day! We stay on our stand, talking to people about our products, the weather, and everything in between! To attract people to our big red Macmillan stand, we have to present ourselves well: here’s Peter representing us with the Macmillan English Campus tote bag, available in all good department stores*!

Did you go to IATEFL this year?? How did you find it? Did you go to any interesting talks or get any good freebies?? Let us know in the comments below!

*Not really, but if you’d like one just get in touch with us!


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