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Onestopenglish Commissioning Editor, Claire Pye, writes:

As Alex Case points out in TEFL links of the month March 2009, onestopblogs is in fact brand new and does have aspirations to become the ‘most comprehensive TEFL blog aggregator’. Thanks for the mention Alex!

Onestopblogs is a work in progress but is live and you can visit it at It is a blog aggregator – which means that it pulls in feeds from any blog listed on the site. It does plenty of other things too, as long as it has plenty of content to play with. For example, if it spots the same terms and tags and keywords in several blog titles, it will aggregate them in the Top Stories section, meaning that readers can find out which common threads are getting teachers talking!

We started with 47 blogs, choosing blogs we read regularly and researching new ones. Our aim is to continue to add blogs over the coming weeks. If anyone objects to having their blog listed, we will of course take it down immediately. This is a service which we hope will complement onestopenglish and which should help bloggers to increase traffic to their blogs and reach the wider TEFL community.

We’ve tried to aggregate blogs on a wide variety of topics and have created categories which you can filter the whole site by. There are technology blogs, ESL-specific blogs, linguistics blogs and even one ELT management blog. The idea is to make onestopblogs the portal for English teachers to read about issues in ELT.

Today we’ve done another round of testing and fixing but we really need the help of the TEFL community to evaluate the site, spot bugs, make suggestions and, of course, send us their blogs! Get in touch with the onestopenglish team by emailing us at

Please join us by sending your blogs to the onestopenglish team!


  • And thanks for the mention back!

    The comment above is spam, btw, saw exactly the same one on EFL Geek’s blog

    Posted by Alex Case on April 11th 2009
  • Hi Alex. I suspected the first comment was spam I’ll delete it!

    Posted by Sarah on April 14th 2009

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