Onestopenglish update!


Onestopenglish Web Editor, Becca Sams, writes:

Our October upload went live at the beginning of last week and Thursday saw the publication of Episode 2 of the new onestopenglish soap opera, The Road Less Travelled. In this episode, Katie is reluctantly dragged off to watch football with her boyfriend and his friends (again) and ends up being asked to fetch and carry snacks for them. How much can one girl take?

The Road Less Travelled and the intermediate-level Macmillan Reader, The Space Invaders are both now available as podcasts. This means that you have the option to automatically receive the latest instalment in a series as soon as it is added. To find out more about podcasting on onestopenglish and how to set it up, please visit our Audio and podcasts FAQ page.

Last month we asked our users to send us photographs of them in their ‘staff room’, hoping for a snapshot of varied teaching circumstances. We received lots of great entries alongside a few slightly puzzling ones. Nine finalists have been selected and we’re asking you to vote for the winner. Click here to have a look through the entries and vote for your favourite using the poll on the left-hand side.

This month we also launched a new teaching diary. Lynda Ross is about to embark on a voluntary teaching placement in Cambodia and has agreed to send us regular updates on her experience. The series kicks off with a letter introducing Lynda and documenting her preparations and expectations. If you have any useful advice for her, you can leave your comments in our forum.

We always welcome feedback on the site, so if you’d like to contact us directly with any inspired ideas or relevant comments and suggestions then don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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