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Onestopenglish Web Editor, Becca Sams, writes:

Becca Sams

At the beginning of August we published lots of fantastic new content including the first in a new series of ETp articles. This first article is available to all onestopenglish users. In it, Michael Hoey, the chief advisor on the Macmillan Dictionary of English for Advanced Learners, considers the consequences of changes in lexicography. There will be more of these methodology articles for Staff Room members in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled! This month Staff Room members can also benefit from a 20% discount on a subscription to ETp magazine.

You may have already noticed our summer series of podcasts ‘Live from London’. We’ve now published four of these and in the latest one we visited a language school in South West London and asked teachers and students what they considered to be the most difficult aspect of learning English. These have been great fun to make and, accompanied by the lesson plans written by Lindsay Clandfield, they form an excellent source of authentic listening practice. Find out more here.

Becca interviews students for the ‘Live from London’ podcasts

In September the onestopenglish Staff Room will be celebrating its first birthday so we’re busy making plans and preparing lots of exciting content and offers to mark this special landmark. We’re really proud of the amount of content that we’ve added to the site in the last year and intend to continue doing so as we move forward. Look out for the new onestopenglish soap opera podcasts in the middle of September!

We always welcome feedback on the site, so if you’d like to contact us directly with any inspired ideas or relevant comments and suggestions then don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. Send your comments to

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