Onestopenglish update!


Onestopenglish Web Editor, Becca Sams, writes:

February on onestopenglish sees the launch of a new series of dictionary skills lesson plans by Tim Bowen. These worksheets are pitched at three different levels and aim to train learners in dictionary use and to help develop their vocabulary.

January’s Young Learners lesson share competition was won by Dennis Baker for a fun lesson on creative writing (The three boxes writing activity). This month, the competition is back to normal, with no particular theme, so send us you ideas!

We’ve also launched a Facebook group for our audio soap opera, The Road Less Travelled. There is a profile page for Katie, the main character, and an open group for discussion. Each month we would like to add to Katie’s Facebook page – either by completing her profile, adding pictures or posting notes from her. And we need your help – this is where you and your students come in! Find out more here.

There’s lots of other great content so please take the time to explore and enjoy another packed edition of onestopenglish!

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