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MEC Sales Representative, Kristin Annexstad, writes:


A few months ago we blogged about the value of YouTube for finding video clips of just about anything you can think of. Taking advantage of the vastness of this type of open resource can prove extremely useful, but also time-consuming. The BBC web pages provide a convenient alternative.

For higher-level students, teachers can avail themselves of the BBC’s large databases of audio and video clips. News reports expose them to brief, authentic recordings that can easily be combined with MEC’s News Items to enrich classroom discussions on current affairs. Having images to accompany native-speaker audio materials also makes them accessible to lower-level students.

Try exploring the various topics on the BBC website, such as History, Lifestyle, Science & Nature, or Society & Culture, to find engaging materials you can send to your students as a package of Web Links, with ideas for written exercises. They can also serve as the basis for classroom discussions.

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Advanced students can listen to full-length recordings of Radio 4 programmes, such as the Archers, In Our Time and a wide range of documentaries. Many of these are available as downloads and podcasts: For lower-level podcasts, check out

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