Onwards and upwards with the DELTA


So you’ve done your CELTA, you’ve been teaching a few years and are looking for a new challenge; where to next?  Assuming that you and teaching are still rubbing along nicely then you might consider building on your initial qualification with a teaching diploma such as the DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults).  Like the CELTA it is administered part of theUniversityofCambridge. 

The course is notoriously demanding with a heavy workload and students being advised not to take on too much additional work that might jeopardise their success in the course. Being such a large undertaking, what is the appeal?  The course promises to deepen your understanding of the principles and practice behind teaching English and can serve as good preparation for senior teaching positions.  To qualify for the course candidates are expected to be graduates or have qualified teacher status.  In addition some basic ELT training, such as the CELTA, and roughly two years full-time experience teaching adults is essential.  The course is relatively flexible and can be studied either face-to-face or by distance be it fully online or as a blended learning programme.  It can be taken part-time over a year or full-time over a period of two to three months.

The course aims to balance practical applications of teaching with understanding of the theoretical background.  The diploma is awarded upon passing a course which includes supervised teaching practice, observation of other teachers, completion of a range of written assignments, completion of an extended assignment, and a written examination, phew!  If you make it through those herculean tasks you will be awarded a qualification recognized the world over that International House, one of the biggest course providers, term ‘the most prestigious and widely recognised British qualification in English Language Teaching’ none-to shabby eh?




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