Proverbs and Sayings


MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:

Have a look at this great website which lets you find proverbs and sayings just by typing in a single word. Just click on this link to start your proverb search: Good Written English

Why not use the site to find a proverb to introduce the theme of your next Intermediate and above lesson?             

As a fun lesson warmer, try getting your learners to use the site to find different proverbs and sayings. You can do this as a group exercise if you are using a data projector, or individually if you are in a computer lab.

To continue the theme, try using the following MEC resources:

·         Proverbs – Vocabulary Activity (level 5)

·         Money money money – Pronunciation Activity (level 5)

·         Single Vowel Sounds – Pronunciation Activity (level 5)

·         Common Sayings – Vocabulary Activity (level 4)

For homework, you could ask your learners to put the new proverbs and vocabulary into their Word Lists area. You could also ask them to translate some proverbs from their own language into English and find an English equivalent, if one exists. Next lesson they can present and explain their proverbs to the rest of the class.


  • exelent, we need media design proverb

    Posted by ranga,s.narien on September 23rd 2011

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