MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:

Learners love to do crosswords in class and it’s a good way to revise new vocabulary. There are a few sites that allow you to create your own crossword. Below is a link to the one I found most useful when preparing for a class.


This is a particularly good one because you can create all sorts of puzzles including word searches. If you teach young learners you’ll know that word searches are always happily received and have the amazing power to get children to sit down and focus.

The Puzzle Maker is easy to use. Once you’ve chosen your type of puzzle you can just follow the steps to create your own puzzle.

Here’s an idea:

·         How about choosing a resource from MEC and using the vocabulary from the resource to make a puzzle.

·         Afterwards learners can add the vocabulary and definitions into My Wordlists.

Here’s another idea:

·         Create a crossword.

·         If you’d like your learners to practise their speaking skills divide them into two groups.

·         One group has half of the crossword clues and the other group the rest.

·         Get them to fill in their halves of the crossword.

·         When they’re done they can help their partners fill in the missing vocabulary by explaining the clues in their own words. Always successful!

Remember there are also ready made crosswords in MEC. Just go to Games, and then Word Games.

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