Resources from the English Campus: November


Each month our Editorial Assistant Liz will be offering a monthly round-up to help keep you updated with all our latest resources on the English Campus. Take a look at what we’ve published this November to see some of our English Campus highlights:

It’s been another bumper month for the English Campus! We’ve been getting very chatty this November because, for the first time, speaking activities are now available to students on the campus. The activities are designed to help students practise for the IELTS exams, and include exercises to help prepare for Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the test.

The activities have been designed to replicate a real-life exam situation, where students read instructions or watch videos of an examiner in which they are asked questions. Then, they can record and play back their own answers before they submit them for marking. As these activities have been published as part of our manually marked resources, teacher feedback can be added before students receive their scores.

As well as the new speaking activities, our regular publishing has continued with the weekly news items for November, including: US debt crisis – the days before the agreement to raise the debt limit; Global index on ageing reveals quality of life for older people; Facebook goes hard on hashtags to tempt TV execs away from Twitter and Mobile phones have been a gift for development.

Finally, the word game I’ll be looking at this month is Witch’s Pot. A hangman style game, students read a prompt at the bottom of the screen to help them guess the word, then try to fill in each letter by clicking on it at the left side of the screen. Students are allowed five mistakes for each word before they end up in the witch’s pot, and at all levels it can be quite a challenge! This month’s easy level game contains ten places in or around the house.

Here’s an example of this month’s game:

Witch pot screenshot

Don’t forget to come along to our next free online demo sessions on the 9th December to take a look at the platform for yourself!



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