Sarah Milligan NOT Millican


I went to the BELTE conference last week to give a presentation on onestopenglish. As I was planning my session I had a look at my blurb in the leaflet ‘The Cheat’s guide to finding what you need on onestopenglish Sarah Milligan’. Hmm I thought. I wonder whether I’ll get hordes of people coming along because they read ‘Sarah Millican’ instead of ‘Sarah Milligan’. So I made a slide gently letting people down by explaining I was in fact a Training Coordinator not a professionally funny woman.

This got me thinking. People always ask me whether I’m related to Spike Milligan. I’m not but I like to tell people he’s my uncle. Perhaps a lesson could be made out of this? Ask students to create their own fake famous family tree? Or get students to write about a famous person people think they look like or they have a similar name to.

After the conference I rushed off to go and see a band I really like called ‘The Cat Empire’.

They were brilliant and when I got home I went straight to their website to read all about them. Maybe your students could do this too and tell the class all about the information they found.

Sarah Milligan

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