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I’ve recently noticed how technology is affecting my writing. I definitely cut down on writing using a fountain pen or pen, and I can see its effects as my handwriting quality has unfortunately started going down hill. It’s mostly because I tend to write more emails instead of letters and I’m also focused on texting. I suppose it must be the same or even worst with the younger generation who take typing as a standard way of writing. 

I have discovered brilliant software which gives you a very realistic recreation of paper base writing. Penzu is a free service where you can keep your diary, journal, essays or notes. I think it’s a great tool for teachers as well as students. You can work at your desktop or download Penzu as an app on your android or Iphone and have access to it on the go. As default the writing is locked only to you, but you can also share it via email or create a public link. Penzu auto-saves your work so you will never lose your writing entries. If you deleted a piece of writing by accident you can quickly retrieve them from the Trash. Penzu gives you thirty days to recover your entries and after that the trash content is automatically deleted. The important fact is that Penzu doesn’t limit storage.

As a teacher you can store all your lesson ideas in one place or reflect on the lessons you have just taught. If you attend a conference you can submit your daily experience of the event on Penzu and quickly share your opinions about the talks you go to or the conference itself with others by making this particular entry public.

Penzu is a fantastic tool to include in your classes and refresh the writing assignments you give to your students. You will definitely help them develop their writing and creative skills. It will definitely inspire your students and motivate them to spend more time and energy preparing assignments. Penzu also gives users a chance to include some photographs which will definitely  add a personal touch to your students’ writing entries.

I am a big fan of the service and hope you will also find it interesting.



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