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MEC Training Coordinator, Sarah Milligan, writes:

Have a look at this great site dedicated to spelling.

The Spelling Blog

The blog author Johanna Stirling writes interesting and useful postings which include spelling tips and links to other websites you might want to use with your learners.

While reading Johanna’s blog. I discovered Bembo Zoo, a fun activity to practise spelling animal names. Go ahead and find some ideas on the blog which could stir up your spelling lessons!

Here are some MEC resources which focus on spelling too. Just type in the title in the Word and Phrase Search to find them.

Meet my family – Vocabulary Activity (level 1)

Rhyming wordsPronunciation Activity (level 4/5)

The Flying Policeman – Game (easy)

Same sound different spelling – Pronunciation Activity (multi-level)


Compounds: spelling of nouns – Grammar Reference Unit (multi-level)


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    Glad you like The Spelling Blog. If there’s something you want to see there, let me know.

    Posted by Johanna on May 07th 2009

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