StudyStack and Quizlet


MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:

After posting a blog about FlashcardExchange John Weidner recommended we take a look at his site and another

StudyStack allows you to browse, export, print and play numerous games with flashcards all for free. Simply select the subject you’d like to study and choose a title. Once you’ve chosen your subject you can choose how you’d like to have the vocabulary presented by selecting one of the options shown below.

As you can see, you can do everything from printing to playing ‘Bug Match’ with the vocabulary so it’s fun and practical! And if you register (which is free) you can add your own flashcards.


Quizlet also has thousands of flashcards to study and print. The flashcards are divided into handy categories on the left hand side of the page and once you find a set you like you have several options. The screenshot below shows what you can do with the flashcards. I particularly like the game ‘Space Race’ where you must type in words or definitions very quickly before the matching word or definition leaves the screen!

As with StudyStack you must register to create your own flashcards.

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