Sweat, tension, euphoria!!!!


FutebolTv will definitely get the boys attention in your English class. The site offers a selection of football moments from an archive. It means that your students can live again and again through moments of grand emotions and add a little bit of their excitement to it!

They get a good selection of football related scenes and they drag and drop the scenes of their choice into cells provided. They can edit subtitles and add their own comment to the scene by clicking the text on the movie. Then, all they need to do is provide their email address and the people they want to see it.

It can be a great way to:

Follow up on a lesson about sport

Practise Present Simple or Continuous

Offer an alternative to traditional writing assignments

Create a fun speaking activity where students put themselves in the roles of sports commentators, maybe they can copy some famous ones in your country.

If you want to help your students to convey emotions in English, you may want to send them to the following link. You’ll find there a list of the most common exclamations in English.


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