MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:

TEFLclips.com is a fabulous site for finding video resources for your lessons. Jamie Keddie, who already has his own EFL blog here, has created lots of lesson plans based on video clips and they’re all free!

It’s well worth checking out. Make sure you have a bit of time to do it as you’ll find it hard to drag yourself away. One of my favourites was this one which uses a song from the Muppet Show. Learners have to do an observation test after watching the video.


Why not do a music themed lesson and use some of these MEC resources to go with the video.

Reggae and Bob Marley – Language Exercise (level 2)

Music (ID MVA004399) – Vocabulary Activity (level 3)

Music (ID MVA004408) – Vocabulary Activity (level 4)

Young violinist – Listening Activity (level 6)

‘s indigenous youths find their radical voice in rap music – News Item (multi level)

The music of Cuba – Web Project (multi level)

There are lots more MEC resources about music. To find them go to the Word and Phrase Search and type in ”music”.


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