Telling the time


MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:



Here’s a lesson idea for a beginner/elementary class learning to tell the time. You will need to be in a computer lab, using an interactive whiteboard or data projector to teach this lesson.

First of all pre-teach the language needed. Perhaps you could draw a clock on the board and elicit different times from the learners. Concentrate on particularly difficult areas like ‘a quarter to’ and ‘half past’.


Then, choose a few MEC resources to do with your learners. For example:

  • Vocabulary Activity – Early or late (level 1)
  • Listening Activity – Telling the time (level 1)
  • Vocabulary Activity – What time is it? (level 1)
  • Vocabulary Activity – Telling the time (level 2)

These are just a few examples there are lots more time resources you can find in MEC.

Finally bookmark this link for you and your learners: 


World Clock

To end the lesson, use the world clock to play a game. Ask the learners what time it is in . The first learner to shout out the correct answer (using the world clock of course) gets to replace you and ask the other learners for a time in another country. Or any other variation you can think of!

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